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Export to the European Union:
Exporting to Europe is ideal for many Iranian goods. But exporting to European countries, like other countries, has terms and conditions that you must consider before exporting so that you can benefit from the profit of exporting to Europe.

What should be done before exporting to Europe?
Before you start exporting to European countries, you should research the production and sales situation of your export goods in European countries. You should also check our country’s relations with the European countries you want to export. The social and sociological features of the exporting country of your destination also affect the export of your desired product. Also, exporting to Europe has conditions that you should be familiar with. Some of the export conditions to Europe are mentioned below.

What are the export conditions to Europe?
European Union countries make up a large number of countries in this continent. EU export and import laws have different parts. Some of these rules are related to product packaging. To export to the European Union, you must comply with the necessary standards and laws for packaging and labeling, especially for food, chemicals and textiles. In European Union countries, there is a seal called the CE seal in connection with safety regulations, which the European Union takes great care to stamp on exported goods.

What are the necessary licenses for exporting to Europe?
The European Union has specific rules for importing goods based on its economic policies. The European Union regulates its import rules in such a way as to prevent the illegal importation of goods. So exporting to Europe is associated with difficulties. Several categories of goods have special licenses for export to the European Union. Goods such as textiles, iron and steel and agricultural products are among these goods.

What are the necessary documents for exporting to Europe?
In order to be able to export your desired goods to EU countries, you must prepare a customs declaration. The person completing this declaration must be a resident of one of the EU countries. Another document required for export to the European Union is the commercial invoice.
In the commercial invoice, the detailed description of the goods imported to the European Union is checked. It means that the weight, dimensions and quantity of the goods are determined accurately. The commercial invoice sheet also includes other sections related to the information of the country of origin, the sender of the goods, the importing country, etc. Certificates such as health certificates or veterinary certificates are necessary for the entry of certain goods into the European Union.

Russia, with a population of approximately 144 million people, is one of the most populous countries in Europe and one of the countries that is a very good destination for Iranian businessmen in terms of exporting goods from Iran, and it is also of particular importance. The weather conditions of this country have made it impossible to produce and cultivate many agricultural products, this is a positive point for Iran’s exports. Currently, Russia is known as one of the biggest trading partners of Iran and significant amounts of all kinds of products are exported to this country every year. Next, we will talk about export goods to Russia.

Due to being on the edge of the Caspian Lake and being close to Iran in terms of distance, this country has a suitable and high capacity for export, especially dates, agricultural products and pistachio exports. In order to export goods to Russia, one must fully master the principles of commercial negotiations and export rules such as international marketing, the ability to conclude international contracts, etc. in order to achieve the best results for the parties.

List of export items to Russia:
In general, the most exported items from Iran to Russia are agricultural products and food. Russia is known as one of the coldest countries in the world, for this reason it is not possible to mass produce agricultural products and has to import food to meet the needs of its market. Considering that some agricultural products can be stored for a short time, it is better that their export destinations are located at a short distance. Therefore, it can be said that due to the relatively short distance between Iran and Russia, this country has become an excellent option for exporting all kinds of food items. In the following, we will mention some of the goods that had the largest amount of exports in recent years.

Turkey is one of Iran’s northwest neighbors and has experienced great economic growth in recent years. The tourism industry in Turkey is very powerful and many people travel to this country every year, this has caused Turkey’s need for a variety of high-quality food, as a result, the export market of all kinds of food items to Turkey has become very hot. Turkey is one of the target countries for Iran’s exports, and significant amounts of agricultural products and food are exported to this country every year. Of course, Turkey has performed very well in the fields of exporting various products, such as raisins, pistachios, etc., and exports all kinds of goods to other countries.

Iran has the capacity to export ten groups of goods to Turkey, and oil and petroleum products are not excluded from these goods, of course, the export of building stones to Turkey is also included in this group. Exporting to Turkey is very favorable for the export of Iranian products due to the good range of the Turkish market, and in recent years, Iran has been able to appear very successful and efficient in this market. All products from the export company are imported from Türkiye safely.

Export growth to Türkiye:
Despite all the problems such as sanctions and problems caused by the return of currency, Iranian businessmen and businessmen still have something to say in this big market, and the problems could not keep Iranian businessmen away from the rich benefits of this big market. The existence of customs agreements between Iran and Turkey as well as export incentives can increase the volume of exchanges between the two countries.

The joint chambers of commerce of the two countries have also been very active in recent years, and the business delegations of the two countries have been trying to improve bilateral relations. Many merchants use Turkey to reach the markets of European countries so that they can more easily deliver their goods to their customers in European countries. Using Turkey’s rail and transit routes to access the European Union has provided an opportunity for Iranian companies and businessmen.

As you know, Dubai is one of the largest and most well-known commercial centers in the world, and due to the existence of a consumer market and extensive commercial connections, exporting to Dubai is of special importance for Iranian businessmen. For this reason, this region has become one of the important hubs of export and import in the world, especially in the Middle East. One of the most important features of Dubai is the existence of all kinds of trade fairs that attract every taste.

Of course, this is one of the thousands of features of Dubai that have made this area one of the biggest business destinations in the world, especially for Iran. The existence of these distinctive features caused the city of Dubai to be introduced as the most important highway of international trade in the Middle East. The construction and existence of all kinds of ports along with a lot of modern airports has provided the necessary conditions and facilities for the export and import of goods from all over the world to this point.

Export to Dubai by barge:
In fact, exports to Dubai are carried out in two ways, either by air or by sea. which is generally carried out by the sea method using a barge. One of the most common and oldest methods of exporting to Dubai is to export goods by barge, which is also called the bottom of the barge. In fact, the export of all kinds of goods by means of barges in the Persian Gulf has been customary among Iranian businessmen since ancient times, and even today this method is used for many reasons, such as the restrictions of some ports in mooring, the unloading of large vessels, or the speed of barges. It is still going on and many Iranian and Emirati businessmen move their goods in this way.

It should be noted that containers cannot be transported with a barge, so they must be packed to move and export goods. For this reason, non-container ports generally use barge for export to Dubai. One of the most important advantages of exporting to Dubai with a barge is that the volume of exported goods is not large, that’s why they can provide the best service. Also, since these cargoes do not have container and port affairs, they do not have high tariffs. Another important advantage of this method is its very low cost compared to other methods.

These important advantages caused most of the merchants to export all kinds of goods to Dubai in this way, and then use containers in Dubai for shipping and carry out port and customs duties related to loadings there. Of course, this point should also be remembered, because the lanj is an old and traditional device. Generally, goods with lanj are exported to Dubai that are not sensitive and do not get damaged when they come into contact with water, such as saffron, dried fruits, handicrafts, etc. Items.

The best goods to export to Dubai:
In general, in order to be successful in exporting, you must first know the needs of the market and the people of that region, and then proceed to export the products. According to the needs of the Dubai market, among the best goods that are exported to Dubai are metals and precious stones, fossil fuels, all kinds of electric and industrial machines, all kinds of chemical products and iron and steel.

But today, due to the increase in the needs of customers in Dubai, new products have been added to this list, which are very profitable for the country, including the export of various fruits, pickles, saffron, dried fruits, and handicrafts. He pointed out all kinds of vegetables and summer vegetables, carpets and pistachios. In general, if you intend to trade any product in Dubai, you should pay attention to this point. Having a little knowledge between the trading parties is one of the most basic and important principles of export. This recognition should be related to the quality of the export product and the type of export product. In order to achieve such recognition and meet big businessmen and have the opportunity to do business with them, the best solution is to participate in international fruit and dried fruit exhibitions that are held at the world level.