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Iron beam

Iron beam

The beam is a well-known profile with a cross-section in the form of I and H, which is made of different steel alloys; This product is widely used in building construction; So that metal frame buildings will not have external existence without this profile. The main task of this type of profile in structures is to bear and transfer the load on the building, it is also used in the design of columns, trusses and beams as the best option. This profile is made up of two parts, wing and web, the main and middle part of the beam is called web and its edges and sides are called wings. The high volume of use of this product has caused the price of the beam to be one of the determining factors in the final price of the building.

Types of iron beams

* IPE beam

It is known as common beam and is similar in appearance to English I. Its production method is in accordance with European standards; This type of wing has a fixed thickness, that is, the thickness of the initial and final wings are the same. The structures that are built in Iran and designed by Iranian engineers are usually based on this standard, which has made this type particularly popular among customers.

* INP beam

This type is I-shaped like IPE and is produced according to Russian and Chinese standards. The difference of this type with IPE is only in the thickness of the wing, in INP the thickness of the wing decreases with the distance from the plane.
In addition to being produced in the country, the two mentioned types are also imported in the iron market.IPE and INP beams are very similar to each other.

* IPB wide wing beam

Wide wing beam or H is one of the sub-branches of the beam, its beams are light, heavy and extra heavy, the signs and abbreviations of these beams are as follows. If the wing of the beam is equal to its life, it is called a broad wing beam (H).

  • HEB heavy wing
  • HEA style wide wing
  • Heavy TPB

Note: V abbreviation in this field means heavy beam and L symbol indicates light beam.

* Honeycomb beam (CPE)

In order for the iron beam to withstand the bending anchor to a greater extent, its web is cut in the shape of a trapezoid, and this type of iron beam has hollow holes along the web, which makes it look like a beehive.