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Hot Rolled Steel

Hot-rolled sheets are products that reach the desired thickness by rolling the slab (in hot conditions) in the furnace and are supplied in the form of coils or sheets. In hot rolling, after reaching the desired temperature (usually higher than 1100 degrees Celsius), the slab passes through several sets of rotating rollers in the rolling furnaces and becomes the desired shape by successively reducing the cross-section.

Due to the cooling process after heating, the surface is not very smooth and polished and has a flaky state.
Due to the reduction in volume and not having very accurate dimensions after cooling, it has rounded edges and corners, which are suitable for the production of rolled rebar and building sheets.
After cooling, it does not have smooth and regular angles and becomes more trapezoidal.
Hot rolled steel is used in cases where the strength of the metal is more important than its dimensions and the surface finish of the metal is not very important.Hot-rolled steels usually require more processing than cold-rolled steels, that’s why they have a lower price. Cooling of hot rolled steel can be done at room temperature, as a result, it becomes normalized, that is, it is actually free of internal stresses, stresses that usually arise during various processes such as forced cooling, rolling, or forming inside the steel.