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A Angle or corner is a profile whose cross-section is in the form of two perpendicular sides, and it is considered one of the most important building materials and profiles, which are used in composite form in civil, construction and industrial projects. Angles are known by 2 characteristics “wing size” and “thickness”.

These types of products have various uses and meet various needs, which we have listed below:

  • Construction of load band, wind band and wall post
  • As a truss in industrial structures such as sheds
  • Doors and windows, frames and…
  • Making shelves
  • Stool for cooler
  • Construction of roads and bridges
  • Telecommunication, radio structures and power towers
  • Use in stone work (face work)
  • Structure of traffic signs
  • Industrial cooler chassis and many machines in this field
  • Structure of commercial and advertising signs and billboards

Corners are divided into two types according to the type of production:

  • Percy corner: This corner is made from a 6 meter long sheet that is bent from the middle of the width of the sheet and they give it a shape. This means that the basic nature of this cross section is steel sheet.
  • Fabric corner: This type of corner comes out of the production line in the form of a corner from the very beginning of the production process.

Corner production standards

A corner, like other steel sections, is produced under several standards, which generally have the same indicators for product quality assessment, and in some cases, they are different. The corner standards include the following:

  1. DIN EN 10056
  2. ISIRI 13968
  3. GOST 8510
  4. GOST 8240
  5. ASTM A36
  6. ASME S1-36

A corner can be used in different places of urban and industrial structures based on its various uses:

Angle of A36

These types of corners have less carbon and therefore have high formability and weldability. A36 corners are used for bridges, masts and civil structures, etc.

Galvanized corner

The galvanized corner is resistant to corrosion and moisture by using zinc. These types of corners play the role of support, connection of sections, etc. in construction structures.

Spiral corner

Spiral corners withstand stress and heavy load and are used for connecting beams, elevator chassis, connecting bridge to column, truck and bus chassis, etc.

Angle of T316

T316 corners are resistant to moisture and high temperature by creating a layer of molybdenum material. Among the important uses of this product is the use for floating frames in acidic atmosphere.

Stainless steel Angle

Stainless steel corners are suitable for welding and have good corrosion resistance. These angles are used in marine affairs, chemical and acidic environments, ship building, bridge building, etc.