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Scodar Commercial Engineering Company has been operating in the field of import and export since 1995, and it is also necessary to mention that Scodar Company is able to export and import all authorized and conditional goods and has a brilliant record in this field.

* Iran Export and Import Regulation Law

Article 1: The regulations for the export and import of goods and the provision of related services to all exporters, importers and those who are subject to the law require to be named according to this law, and all laws contrary to it are canceled.

Article 2: Imported and exported goods are divided into the following three groups:

  1. Permitted goods: are goods whose export or import does not require obtaining a license in accordance with the rules.
  2. Conditional goods: These are goods that can be exported or imported by obtaining a license.
  3. Prohibited product: It is a product whose export or import is prohibited according to the holy law of Islam (on the basis of purchase, sale or consumption) or according to the law.

* Import and export of steel sections

Scodar Commercial Engineering Company is prepared to import and export all types of steel sections, including pipes, corners, all steel sheets and stainless steel sheets.

* Other export products:


Since Iran is a country with hot and dry regions and has a very suitable platform for growing dates, it is also possible to export dates to different countries. There are many varieties of dates in Iran, which have different appearance and taste. Up to 400,000 tons of tasty and high-quality Iranian dates are exported to different countries every year, and the dates required inside the country are also fully supplied.

What are the types of export dates?

In the fertile soil of Iran, different types of dates are produced and offered, but not all of these types are offered for export. For the export of all kinds of dates, we use those that are suitable for export and are not damaged during the shipping process, and the quality of the dates is maintained. Some of the important examples in the export of dates, which are now introduced as high-quality export dates, are as follows:


Extra date export: As one of the always popular options, it is done to foreign countries, the skin of this type of date is easily separated from the meat and the date juice is also taken from it. Therefore, it is obvious that the export of extra high-quality dates will also bring a very high profit.

Export of Zahedi date: It is also known as Qasb date. It is made from different varieties of dry dates from Iran to other countries. This type of date is harvested on average in the whole country in about 1000 tons, with the export of Zahedi date, Iran will get a high profit.

For the export of dates, one of the options called Kabkab dates also has many fans among different classes and countries of the world, the export of Kabkab dates in Iran will be done mostly in unripe and wet form. It is interesting to know that this type of date has a bitter taste, but it has many properties.

One of the most expensive and famous dates for export is Pyaram date, which is a bit drier than other types of dates and its skin is not easily separated from the flesh. Due to its excellent taste and sweetness, the export of Pyaram dates has many fans all over the world.


Iran is one of the biggest exporters of quality honey, which has many fans all over the world. Because all the people of the world know that Iran is one of the best bee breeders and because of its rich resources and various vegetation, it produces and markets the best natural honey.

It is safe to say that Iran’s exported honey is one of the most popular foods that has many fans all over the world. This is due to the blessing of the environmental and climatic conditions of Iran, which made it possible to cover various virgin vegetation from all over Iran, and as a result, we can achieve the best quality natural honey, and we are more successful than ever in exporting this product. Let’s compete. This material is one of the most suitable food products for export because it does not spoil and this makes it possible to transport the product and deliver healthy honey to the exporter.

dried fruit:

According to the latest statistics and information provided by the Ministry of Agricultural Jihad, Iran ranks first to third in the production of 4 types of dried fruits in the world. In this respect, Iran is one of the leading countries in the world in terms of production of pistachios, walnuts, almonds and hazelnuts. Investment in this sector is recommended. Based on this, Iran’s dried fruit can be classified as world-class dried fruit that has many customers worldwide. According to many experts, Iran’s dates, pistachios, almonds, walnuts and even hazelnuts have far better taste than other countries in the world, and this is due to the suitable conditions for growing these products in Iran. Although the level of Iran’s cultivated products needs more revision and development, and more investments should be made in these fields, but despite this, many foreign customers even consider Iran’s dry fruit products as the best products.

Iran has exemplary agricultural products in the world and a significant part of the export share of products belongs to this area. The presence of items such as pistachios, almonds, walnuts, hazelnuts and dates or other dried fruit products in Iran has made many global customers pay special attention to Iranian products and are always one of the main customers of Iranian products. According to the latest statistics, the export of dried fruits in Iran is estimated at 950 million dollars.