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There are different types of studs, including galvanized, aluminum and stainless steel, of course, in the production of this industrial and construction stage, in addition to carbon and galvanized steel, polymer composites, aluminum, and stainless steel can also be used.

Note that the price of studs is different in different types. Aluminum type is usually lighter in terms of weight and has almost high strength and ductility. It is most commonly used in the manufacture of door and window frames, trailer chassis and skeleton structures, and the alloys used in it are usually in the 6000 series. Standard dimensions of steel type 8, 10, 12, 14 and 16 and heights of 30 to 40 mm are produced.

In addition, studs are available in two types, simple and mesh.

⦿ Application of Channel

Studs are among the steel sections used in civil and industrial structures, which are produced in different sizes for different applications. Among the applications of studs include the following:

  •     Structure of radio and telecommunication masts
  •     Advertising billboards
  •     Facade of the building
  •     Industrial machinery chassis
  •     Rail guard support base
  •     Single or double use for very light structures
  •     Use in building elevators
  •     Showcase rails and shelves
  •     wall support
  •     framework

European studs: As we know, some sizes of studs may not be produced in Iran and need to be imported. Most of the imports of this category of products are supplied from the European continent and are in accordance with the EN standard, and for this reason, these studs are called European. Depending on the size, its price is different and there is a possibility of increasing the price from about 50 to 100 percent. Available studs of this type are produced in Iran from sizes 2.5 to 40.

European equal weight studs: European equal weight studs are called European equal weight studs that are made in the country with European standards. These products are similar in quality and dimensions to European studs. In terms of price, European studs of the same weight are more expensive than domestic products and cheaper than European studs.

Light and heavy studs: There are certain weight principles for the production of studs based on the standard, and for this reason, if you have less than that weight, it is called light and more than that is called heavy stud. To buy these types of products, you should pay attention to the issue of what type of stud is intended by the accountant, and when you receive the product, if the load is contrary to your order in case of a possible mistake, refuse to deliver it and get a replacement. Consideration of cheapness or lower weight should be considered when the stud application is insensitive.

Normal stud: One of the common terms used for stud is normal stud. Contrary to the meaning of the word normal, these types of studs face appearance problems and technical defects during the production process. Among these defects, the following can be mentioned:

Swing studs, sword head studs, studs with uneven and uneven edges, angled and uneven, bent studs and studs with lengths other than 6 to 12.