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Import from the European Union:

According to the statistics obtained from the trade organization in IRAN, the largest number of goods imported from Europe to Iran, which are members of the European Union.

Types of transportation for importing goods from Europe to Iran:

Importing goods to the country through international transportation can be done by three methods: maritime transport, rail transport, and air transport.

Rules for importing goods from Europe to Iran

  • Familiarity with customs orders and laws

  • Learning the customs tariffs of countries

  • Evaluation of the sales market in the destination country

  • Customs clearance procedures

  • Choosing a reliable company for issuing documents and goods clearance


Imported goods from Russia include various items, Russia is considered one of the largest exporting countries in the world, which annually exports billions of products to Iran or other top countries in the world. The imported goods from Russia include many items such as machines or different metals with various uses.

Let’s get more familiar to the most important imported goods from Russia

In terms of exporting different fuels and gases, Russia is the first, it can be said that Russia can compete with the big oil producing countries and every year as an oil exporter, it exports a large amount of it to other countries, especially the countries European export. Geographically, Russia’s location is very good to the extent that it can easily communicate with many countries and export everything they need easily.


List of goods imported from Russia

Iran and many top countries in the world are always requesting various goods from Russia, each country requests a type of goods from Russia according to its needs, this country has many high-quality goods, many precious metals. It is supplied from Russia, it exports highly used and special chemicals with excellent quality to other countries, everything that any country needs can be obtained from Russia, that is why Russia has always been recognized as a country. We know about exporting products to other countries.

Imported goods from Russia to Iran

Animal corn and oats

rapeseed oil, crude soybean oil, legumes (lentils, beans, mung beans, bulgur)

NAVTEX device and accessories, important parts of nuclear power plants, essential metal and industrial equipment, tank wagons


Iran and Turkey have common borders and are located in the same geographical area, they have a large capacity for trade exchanges, and for this reason, there are many contracts in the customs departments, laws facilitating import and export, joint commercial offices and foreign exchange services between the two countries. 

Importing and clearing goods from Turkey is much easier than other import businesses. This country is located on the common border with Iran, and this means that traders face less challenges in transporting their imported goods. Import and clearance of goods from Turkey can be done from all customs offices of the country; But the existence of a common border with this country has made it easy for traders to import and clear their goods through the land customs of the country.

In addition to easy transportation of goods imported from Turkey, doing business with this country requires less costs and investments than other countries. The border of our country with Turkey has made the processes related to obtaining business visas, import licenses, international payments, etc. to be done with lower costs and in the shortest possible time. In this way, it can be said that the import and clearance of goods from Turkey brings many economic benefits for merchants, and in fact, the existence of such benefits doubles the importance and necessity of importing from Turkey for merchants and traders, and has positive effects on the commercial relations of the two countries

Among the goods that are not a problem in terms of import between the two countries of Iran and Turkey and are usually selected as import or export goods in all kinds of international transactions of these two countries, the following can be mentioned:

  • Clothing: All kinds of women’s, men’s and children’s clothes
  • Electronic accessories and parts
  • Textile and plastic raw materials
  • Home Appliances
  • Fruits and vegetables
  • Different metals
  • Ceramic Tile
  • Dried fruit


Since last years, Dubai has been known as one of the most important business centers in the Middle East region and the gateway to world markets. The existence of representation of many famous global companies and brands in Dubai, as well as the arrival of all kinds of goods from all over the world to this region has created a very high potential for the trade of all kinds of products. For this reason, many Iranian businessmen import goods from Dubai in order to supply and procure the goods they need.

Considering the variety of products and also the existence of various companies and agencies, when choosing the type of product and conducting transactions, one should pay attention to very important points in order to achieve the best result.

Considering the variety of products and also the existence of various companies and agencies, when choosing the type of product and conducting transactions, one should pay attention to very important points in order to achieve the best result.

Examining the Iranian market for the sale of goods:

Before we import any type of goods from Dubai, we must check the Iranian market to see what kind of goods or products are in short supply in Iran in order to make a profit with this import. Of course, in organizations and centers related to export and import, there are specific statistics of imported and exported goods that can be used so that no harm is caused to the importing or exporting companies.

Checking the price before importing from Dubai:

One of the most important stages of importing from Dubai is to specify the prices of the products that you intend to import. In fact, one of the most basic stages of the import process is to request a proforma invoice. The price announced by the exporter is determined by the pricing commission and this price is completely different from the Iranian market and the sale of goods in Iran, that is why receiving the initial prices and detailed specifications of the goods from the first stages of importing goods from Dubai is.

Benefits of importing from Dubai for Iranians:

Iranian businessmen have a great desire to buy from Dubai. The popularity of the Dubai market has advantages for Iranians, which include their status as a result of buying and importing. The most important benefit obtained from the clearance of goods is the reduction of transportation costs to Iran, because the country of Dubai is in Iran’s neighborhood, and traders can import cargo to Iran very quickly for a lower cost. Another factor that encourages businessmen to buy from Dubai is the UAE customs, which do not charge for clearance.Importers from Dubai import their products and goods into this country without paying customs fees, and this causes the purchase price of this product to be the same as the purchase price from the country of origin. Iranian businessmen import their desired product from this country and sell it at the same price as offered in the country of manufacture. Therefore, Iranian businessmen can continue this type of import to Iran by spending less time and less cost of transporting goods.

The best goods to import from Dubai:

Dubai is one of the largest trading partners for Iran and there are many exchanges between Iran and Dubai every year, the first thing you should do when importing goods to Iran is to identify the needs in the market, so it is not possible to choose the best goods for import.

In general, some of the best goods to import from Dubai, which had the largest amount of imports in the past years, are as follows:

  • Cloth and clothes
  • All kinds of sports shoes
  • Cosmetic
  • Mobile phone accessories
  • Laptop
  • Mobile
  • Digital cameras
  • Unalloyed iron and steel
  • Animal corn
  • Motor vehicles
  • Sugar