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Types of pipes:

1- Welded pipes (seamed pipes): This type of pipe is divided into three categories of industrial pipes, black water pipes and drilling pipes in terms of dimensions and production method, materials and practical uses.

2- Seamless pipes (Manishman pipes): It is called steel pipes in which no welding is used. These types of pipes are produced from the beginning in a seamless form and in different sizes.

3- Gas pipes: A gas pipe is a steel or polyethylene pipe that is used to transport gas from the refinery to the gas pressure drop station at the entrance of the cities for distribution. Gas pipe is used in power plants, petrochemical industries, buildings, refineries and industrial sheds. These pipes are also used in compressed air system piping. In the distribution sector, gas pipelines are divided into two groups: supply pipe and distribution network pipe. The feed pipe transports the gas from the pressure reduction stations into the cities. Then the distribution network distributes the natural gas in urban pipelines.